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Nikon D4 vs D4s Shutter Comparison Video

One of the less known improvement in D4s over D4 is its new mirror balancer and dampening mechanism which makes it possible to shoot slightly faster ( 11fps vs 10fps) compared to D4. Below you can find the ultra slow video  showing the difference of these cameras while shooting at max speed. Video was recorded at 1200fps by Nikon 1 V2 ...

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1940s Glamour Portraits Workshop Video

In this 90 minutes long video, Bob Harrington takes us on a photographic trip to the past. He shows  how to achieve the high contrast look of the black and white glamour look of 1940s Hollywood using modern gear. If you have the time, don’t miss this workshop, it is really amazing. You can turn an average portrait in to a ...

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Nikon Behind the Scenes Video Series

Nikon launched the “Nikon Behind the Scenes” video series, dedicated to empowering and entertaining intermediate-level photographers. The video series features professional photographers including Joe McNally and Corey Rich and Tamara Lackey. The first video (you can watch in this post below) is “Nikon Behind the Scenes: Light It Up with Joe McNally” where McNally is exploring what is possible with Nikon ...

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Profoto Educational ‘Walk Through a Wedding’ Video Series

Profoto has teamed up with professional wedding photographers Justin and Mary Marantz to create a twenty-part yearlong video series in which they follow the photographers as they set out to capture a young couple’s wedding. The series consists of 20 videos, each one revealing the story and the lighting setup behind a certain image. Only first two parts of the series has been released ...

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Behind the Scenes Videos of Kate Upton SI Zero Gravity Swimsuit Photo Shoot

Sports Illustrated put model Kate Upton and photographer James Macari in Zero Gravity to create one of the most extreme photo shoots ever! I liked the concept but unfortunately final photos are not that great in my opinion. I understand it is partly because of the difficult shooting conditions but still I would expect better from Sports Illustrated. To be honest, this ...

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Impressive Sigma Camera and Lens Factory Videos

Sigma has released the 2nd chapter of the Sigma Aizu factory video that it has originally released back in September 2012. Although you can’t see much about the details about their manufacturing processes (as an engineer, that is what I was most interested about), you still have a general idea about how things run there. Here are the videos: Chapter 1 ...

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