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Sony A7000 Rumors

Sony A6000

There are rumors about upcoming Nex-7 successor: Sony a7000 which will have rangefinder styled body  could finally get a successor early 2015. even though Sony replaces NEX-7 and NEX-6 when they announced the A6000 (read the comparison here), but A7000  with improved sensor, better body controls and $K video is always welcomed. A7000 may have a new 24MP sensor and ...

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Sony Alpha 7S Pricing and Availability

Sony A7s

Sony has announced the pricing and availability information for its 12 MP Full Frame mirroless camera, Alpha 7S.  The body will be available in July and sell for $2,499.99. On the other hand, 24 MP A7 sell for $1.498 ($1.000 cheaper), and 36 MP A7r sell for $2.298. If you are not really in to 4K video or extreme low light ...

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Sony FE Lens Roadmap and the New Zeiss 16-35mm f4.0

Sony E-Mount Lens Roadmap 2014

Sony FE Lens Roadmap 2014 Sony has announced the new Zeiss 16-35mm f4.0 lens for FE mount. Followers of Mel’s Cameras may remember that we have given you this rumor in February this year here. The new Zeiss 16-35mm FE lens will be available mid summer 2014. There is no pricing info or an image of the lens yet. Image ...

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New Sony A77 II Announced

Sony A77 II

New Sony A77 II Announced Sony has announced the SLT-A77 II APS-C camera with an updated 24 MP CMOS Sensor. Sony obviously put a great effort on developing the new Autofocus system of A77 II: A77 II features  a 79-point (15 cross points) autofocus sensor and an ultra-fast, intelligent AF tracking system with advanced algorithms to predict subjects movement, and it can ...

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Sony A6000 vs NEX-6 vs NEX-7 Comparison

Sony A6000

A6000 is Sony’s most recent E-mount mirrorless camera. The model number suggests that spec wise  Sony aims to place it somewhere between NEX-6 and NEX-7, and replace both of these cameras at once, but the fact that those still being on the market with heavily discounted prices creates a buyer’s dilemma. It was already difficult for us to decide between NEX-6 and NEX-7 and now things ...

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New US Sony Store Deals: 50% off all Cameras


This time we have an “off-line” deal news for you. As you may already know,  Sony decided to close some of its Sony Stores in USA.  As a result of this,  Sony Stores listed at the bottom of this post will be offering discounts up to 60% off some of  Sony gear for a limited time only. Deals will include: Cameras ...

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Sony A7 and A7r Light Leak Problems, Tapes and Hair Ties!


A good number of users on the web have reported that they  experience light leak issues with their Sony A7 and A7r cameras. After a short time, Sony  officially admitted there is a problem and stated that their engineers are working on a solution. The light leaks through the lens mount and  reported to be particularly apparent when shooting long exposures. ...

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