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5 Great Android Tools for Professional Photographers and Advanced Amateurs

Android platform offer photographers some great mobile apps  which will help you improve your photography, streamline your processes and save you time. In this post I have included five of these apps that I regularly use and recommend to others. None of the apps reviewed here  add functionality to your mobile device camera, instead they serve as a tool to aid photographers before, during, and after the picture taking process.

1- The Photographer’s Ephemeris – $4.99


This is one of the most useful Android app for outdoor photography and also one of my favourite. If you want to plan your outdoor photography shoots in advance (as most professional photographers do), this is a perfect tool.

The Photographer’s Ephemeris is a map-centric sun and moon calculator which shows you how the light will fall on the land for almost anywhere on earth. Advanced features include: automatic time zone and elevation detection, correction for atmospheric refraction and height above the horizon. You can even determine when the sun or moon will be visible from behind nearby hills and mountains.

2- Photo Tools – Free


Photo Tools is a free app that provides a very extensive set of handy tools for photographers under one package. Some of the available tools are:

– DOF & Hyperfocal Distance Calculator
– Field Of View Calculator
– Exposure Reciprocation Calculator
– Flash Exposure Calculator
– Multiple Exposure Compensation
– Minimal Shutterspeed Calculator
– Bellows Extension Calculator
– Time Lapse Calculator
– Timer
– Stopwatch
– Light Meter (using Camera & EXIF)
– Sunny 16 (EV) Calculator
– Blue & Golden Hour Calculator
– Moon Phase & Exposure Calculator
– Location Info
– Weather Forecast
– Color Wheel
– Color Temperature Chart
– Image Histogram Viewer
– Image EXIF Reader
– Photo Enlargement Calculator
– Sharpening Radius Estimator
– Level Indicator
– Check Lists, Note Pad

3- Easy Release – Model Releases – $9.99


This app is an essential tool for working photographers who wants to have models sign releases when necessary but don’t want to carry paper forms. Easy Release Model Release app simplifies the management and the distribution of model and property release forms by replacing paper. It collects all data and signatures right on a touch sensitive Android device then email a PDF of the release right to you.

It is even pre-bundled with industry standard Getty Images, iStockPhoto and Alamy model and property releases in 17 languages.

4- Stuck on Earth –  Free


Stuck on Earth is an excellent app for travel photography which helps you to scout locations that you want to shoot all around the world. You can discover millions of amazing places to shoot as a smart algorithm chooses the best locations and photos based on a combination of crowdsourcing and curation. You can create and sace trips for the future and the best part is that these trips work offline so that you can use them even when connectivity is not possible.

5- LightMeter – Free



Old school photographers will like this application! LightMeter is a reflected&incident light meter application that can measure the exposure using the camera or the lights sensor of your Android device, just like a traditional light meter. While the  accuracy of measurements depends on the sensor of your phone, my experience so far is that it is quite accurate in most occasions (I use he reflected light option as recommended by the developer).

Main Features:

-Incident light metering (needs light sensor)
-Reflected light metering (needs camera, only a few are compatible)
-Spot measure if camera has zoom.

There is even a no-ads paid version of LightMeter with some extra features over the free version as listed below:

-Better performance than LightMeter Free
-Expanded ISO range from 3 to 6400.
-Low light alert.
-Exif and sensor info displayed on screen as an option.
-Incident light reading can be held.
-Alternative ISO selector, state and ISO recall on resume.

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  1. On Android have a look at “Photoxor Calculations & GPS”. It is a tool for exposure calculations, depth of field calculations, circle of confusion calculations, and also provides GPS tracking and sun and moon ephemeris calculations.

    I first developed this tool set for myself, but it is now available for free on Google Play

    Blog: http://photoxor.blogspot.com.au/

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