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Nikon 1 V3 vs V2 Comparison

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Nikon has just announced the V3 which replaces the V2, the ugliest duck in the pond. Nikon obviously put a lot of effort on V3 and managed to make it a better camera than the V2. And it is also a much better looking camera, thanks to the optional grip and EVF.

So what are the main differences between these two cameras, lets list some of them:

Nikon 1 V3 vs V2:

  • Higher Resolution Sensor: 18.4 MP vs 14.2 MP
  • Higher Max ISO: 12800 vs 6400
  • Better LCD Screen: Tilting vs Fixed
  • Higher LCD Resolution: 1,037,000 vs 921,000
  • Higher Number of focus points: 171 vs 73
  • V3 sensor has no optical low-pass filter potentially providing even higher resolution
  • Better looking (although subjective)
  • Optional EVF vs Built-in EVF
  • Optional Grip vs Built-in Grip

Nikon sells (currently only pre-order) V3  with 10-30mm lens, EVF and grip for $1.196, which is $300 more expensive than the V2 (also with 10-30mm).  Is it worth the extra $300? I believe it is. Would Nikon 1 be my first choice if I was starting from scratch? I believe not. MFT and Sony NEX (A) are  more mature systems and has wider ranges of lenses.

Nikon V3 vs V2 Specs Comparison Table

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