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10 Good Reasons to Buy Nikon D750

Nikon D750

I have to admit that when I heard the Nikon D750 for the first time, I though what a boring camera it is, not much different from the Nikon D610, just another full frame from Nikon to extent their product range for marketing purposes. But after a second thought, somehow it looked like a very logical option. So here I have listed 10 reasons why Nikon D750 is a great buy for anyone looking for a Full frame DSLR:

10 Good Reasons to Buy Nikon D750

1- 24MP CMOS sensor : This sensor proved itself many times, and Nikon improves its output with every other iteration. This sensor betters all Canon full frame sensors. And I find 24MP resolution the optimum spot as 36 MP is overkill most of the time and anything under 20MP is not good enough for professional purposes.

2- Tilting screen: Believe me, once you get used to tilting / articulating screens, you can’t live without it. D750 is the only full frame DSLR with a tilting screen,  apart from the Sony A99.

3- Built-in Wireless: This comes very handy in studio and sports shooters may benefit from it also.

4- Small and light body( for a full frame DSLR): 100g lighter than the D610, 230g lighter than the D810 and 200g lighter than the Canon 5D Mark III!

5- Very good battery life: 1230 shots

6- Improved Multi-CAM 3500FX II AF module: which can Autofocus down to  -3EV whereas D810 can only work at -2EV

7- 6.5 fps Continuous Shooting Speed: It is faster than D810 and D610. It would be a very good back up sports camera indeed.

8- Reasonably priced: $2.296 , Nikon D810 is

9- Lens Line up : Along with Canon, Nikon has the best professional lens line up.

10- Built-in flash: Canon Full frame cameras doesn’t have built-in flashes. Besides, Nikon still has the best off-camera flash system in the market.

I am sure I can list more if I continue but these look to be the most important factors for me. If you are not heavily invested in other systems, and looking for a relatively light and small fullframe DSLR with great iamge quality and accecc to one of the most comprehensive lens and accessory options, I strongly recommend you to consider Nikon D750.

Nikon D750 Specifications

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